Happy Paws - Spring/Summer 2019

Happy Paws - Spring/Summer 2019

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Happy Paws Spring/Summer 2019: Help cats and dogs lead happy, healthy lives

Get this high-quality premier issue of Happy Paws, the brand-new pet-focused magazine from Meredith Corporation and Fear Free, LLC that is filled with ways to help you make sure your dog or cat leads a happy, healthy, full life.

Within these 100 pages you'll discover stories (written by leading veterinary and pet industry experts) that help you know if your dog is really happy, stop your pet's itching and scratching, and enrich your cat's life. You'll learn how dogs think and how to better read their body language. You'll be touched by our story on the healing power of pets. You'll learn to help your dog overcome fear and anxiety (such as noise phobia or fear of visiting the vet) and get tips on training him with positive, reward-based methods that make learning fun. You'll find out the best ways to bond with your pet and make sure he and your child grow up to be best friends. You'll get healthy homemade treat recipes for dogs and cats (biscuits, bagels, bones, and more) as well as our first interactive toy guide, which showcases cat and dog toys that keep your pet happy while engaging his mind. You'll learn the best ways to socialize your puppy and help him become a well-adjusted dog, and you'll discover crash-tested carriers, crates, and harnesses to keep your pet safe when you travel.

We're proud that all of this inspirational, easy-to-read content is reviewed by veterinary professionals—including board-certified veterinary behaviorists—to make sure you get the best advice. Count on Happy Paws to help you become the best pet owner possible and your cat or dog the happiest pet on earth.