Happy Paws Spring/Summer 2020

Happy Paws Spring/Summer 2020

Happy Paws
Spring/Summer 2020

Happy Paws Spring/Summer 2020: Helping You Make This Season Your Pet’s Best One Yet!

Get the Spring/Summer issue of Happy Paws magazine, the pet-centered publication from Meredith Corporation and Fear Free Inc. that is filled with ways to make sure your dog or cat leads a happy, healthy, full life. Veterinary and pet professional experts take you by the paw to help you realize what your pet really needs to boost his quality of life. You'll read stories that help you understand how a cat thinks and how to tell that your dog loves you. You'll get practical, budget-friendly advice on trimming your dog's nails at home and how to decrease her stress when visiting the vet. Warmer weather means more time for outdoor play and adventures; we'll show you fun, new, engaging toys and share tips for keeping your dog safe from summer hazards. You'll learn how to train your dog to stop jumping on guests by using positive, reward-based methods. We're proud that all of our inspirational, easy-to-read content is reviewed by veterinary professionals, including board-certified veterinary behaviorists, to make sure you get the smartest advice possible. Count on Happy Paws to help you become the best pet owner you can be and ensure your cat or dog is the happiest, healthiest pet on earth.

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• 100-page high-quality keepsake issue