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SI Kids: Connecting With Kids Through Sports

SI Kids, also known as Sports Illustrated Kids, is a spin-off from the sports magazine, Sports Illustrated. It first launched in 1989 and has been connecting with and empowering children and teens through sports and play ever since. Recognized by Parent's Choice and the Educational Press for excellence in publishing, the topics and themes include nutrition tips, information about up-and-coming young athletes, amazing artwork, and feature articles. Both its website and print editions teach important life lessons including perseverance in skills practice, setting goals, keeping a positive attitude, and much more. The magazine captures even the most reluctant readers through its action photography and humorous voice. SI Kids is perfect for kids and teens ages 8 to 14 who enjoy reading sport- and health-related content. With an annual subscription, your athlete receives the excitement, passion, and fun of sports in an action-oriented, authentic, and interactive style they will enjoy reading.

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