Eat Healthy Lose Weight

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Eat Healthy Lose Weight

Eat Healthy Lose Weight (Volume 1)

Hurray – now over 270 of your favorite dishes are actually good for you! All the foods you love ... and none of the extra fat and calories that you don’t. With everything from breakfast day-brighteners to midnight snacks ... party time to weeknight family meals ... holiday classics, kid-pleasers, time-savers, budget-stretchers ... creamy, luscious desserts ...and so much more! Only Eat Healthy, Lose Weight gives you kitchen-perfected dishes guaranteed to satisfy and nourish you – body and soul.

Product Details:
Type: Hardcover Book
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-696-24407-0

Cover Price: $29.96
Our Price:  $10.00  (save 67%)